Andrea starts 5ft from camera on each test. Checking out the movement in the image , the sharpness of the lens and the nature of the Flaring effect of the lens .

Alexa Mini – Shot on 2k Anamorphic mode ( 4:3 sensor )

Lens 1 – Cooke Anamorphic x2 – 25mm
Lens 2 – Cooke Anamorphic x2 – 50mm
Lens 3 – Hawk Anamorphic x2 – 40mm
Lens 4 – Cinevision x2 – 35mm
Lens 5 – Master Anamorphic x2 – 28mm
Lens 6 – Kowa Anamorphic x2 – 40mm.

Notes from test – Cinevision had the most interesting flare . Ziess are very clean and sharp . Kowa have an interesting look , not a fan of the coating on the lens .

Improvements – test out more of the full set a 25mm and a 50mm from each set, use fairy lights in the back of shot and also use the left and right hand parts of the image more to check on how close you can get an actor to the lens before there face starts to bend .

Arri 650 fresnel – will Diff. set as the key light , and the head torch used to flare the lens .

Director – Nick Rowland

1st Ac – Andrea Clavijo

Assistant – Steve Openshaw