Outline of Camera Equipment

Alexa Mini – 4:3 and 16:9
Alexa Mini Viewfinder
Arri WCU 4
Cooke S4 set – 18mm , 25mm , 32mm , 50mm , 75mm , 100mm
Hawkwood batteries x6
Tv logic 5″
Sachtler Tripod
Matte Box
Follow focus

Outline of Lighting Equipment

Soft Panel 1×2 Led light
Soft Panel 2×3 Led Light
Tile light from Blind spot gear
Kino Flo 2 bank by 4ft
2 Stage stand with wheels
Lighting boom arm – 2 stage
C Stands


DJI Mavic Pro


For detailed list of camera and lighting equipment please email tom@thomasshawcroft.co.uk