Thomas Shawcroft is a Director of Photography living in the UK. Thomas graduated from The Arts University College at Bournemouth studying Film Production specialising in Cinematography under the guidance of Witold Stok BSC and Digby Elliott. Thomas has worked for 4 years as a Camera Assistant working on projects such as CREED, PAN and the LONDON OLYMPICS .

Thomas has written and shot a feature film, “Weaverfish”, which won the People’s Choice Award at the 2012 Toronto Bootleg Film Festival and has been involved in shooting many short films and commercials for companies such as “Spitfire Ale” and “KPMG”.

Thomas has an extensive knowledge in a wide range of cameras, Arri Media training in Loading 35mm , Panavision training in 3D rigs and certificates in diving alongside experience with underwater housing.

Currently – Working on Car commercial and Independent feature .

Represented by – Sara Putt Associates