Thomas Shawcroft is a Director of Photography.  He recently climbed up Mount Kilimanjaro to shoot a documentary called ‘Equal Playing Fields’ about the worlds highest football match played by 22 women. 

Thomas has worked on 35mm shooting a short film ‘Transmission’, the film has been accepted in to prestigious film festivals, Fantasia and L’étrange. 

Growing up in Southampton, Thomas was intrigued by his father’s work as a photographer for Yachting world magazine. Having an understanding of film, lead to having a precise creative vision followed by being selective when to capture.

Working with DOP such as Chris Seager BSC, John Pardue BSC and Gavin Finney BSC; this ignited a passion of crafting images, and the qualities it took to be a DOP. 

Thomas enjoys creating a individual look for each film, working with the Director and Heads of Department, to create a united vision for the film.


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